Happy Halloween Part 2!!

Ok, here's my finished product! He's a DIY Munny doll. I used sculpy clay to mold his face, feet, and tail. I used the wings from Praise Angel (Smeared Ink) and my rider is from Candy is Dandy (also Smeared Ink).

I colored them with spray paint and paint markers

Here is what he looked like before...


  1. OMG!!!! Is that ever ADORABLE!!!!! Wherever did you get that base? You sure have brought him to life with your creativiy! LOVE it! xxD

  2. so flippin' awesome girl!!!! wonderful job! i love the colorfulness!!!!

  3. How cute! Looks like they are ready to have a fun time and run and play in your yard, love that you made him a little buddy to hang out with :)