Happy Halloween Part 2!!

Ok, here's my finished product! He's a DIY Munny doll. I used sculpy clay to mold his face, feet, and tail. I used the wings from Praise Angel (Smeared Ink) and my rider is from Candy is Dandy (also Smeared Ink).

I colored them with spray paint and paint markers

Here is what he looked like before...

Happy Halloween!!

Today is the last day of 31 Days of Halloween! It's been so challenging and fun. Thank you all - Wicked Blogs, Horrifying Hoppers and Lurkers - for being a part of it, we're awesome!!!

My finale project is something I've been working on for a long time. I'm not quite finished with it yet, so I'm going to give you a sneak peak, but you're just gonna hafta wait for it. Sorry to tease, but hopefully you'll think it's worth the wait. :)


DIY - Day 29 of 31 Days of Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVE'S EVE! Wooohoo! We're almost there! This month has been crazy for me. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with all the awesome WICKED Bloggers, but I tried my best and it was so much FUN!

Today I bring you my second to last project for the month. I was up until 1am working on this (woke up at 5am to go to work)...so please bare with me if I ramble at all or don't make any sense.

I'm not sure if you all have heard of Scentsy, but it's a great wickless candle system that I sell. The wax is heated up in a decorative warmer by a light bulb...it's so safe that I leave it on 24/7 whether I'm sleeping, not home...whatever. I like when my house smells good! And the wax is AWESOME! Better than any candle I've ever bought....anyhoo, the whole point of me telling you that is so you know what my project is. Scentsy has DIY warmers that you can buy decals for and decorate...or if you are cool like us, you can STAMP all over it and color it with paint pens! That's what I did....and I LOVE IT!

This is the top tray where the wax is placed and melts.


Left Side


Right Side

All the stamps I used are from Lonely Boy and Puff (Smeared Ink). Also, wanted to mention that we have a booth at the RSC Virtual Convention....25% OFF Sale of Select Stamps and a Special Offer for RSC Convention customers! Check it out here.

Don't miss out on all the other WICKED COOL BLOGS! 
Only a few days left until Halloween! YAYA!


Exorcism - Day 28 of 31 Days of Halloween!

Today I bring you the makings of an EXORCISM! This lovely lady is a digital stamp from Smeared Ink. She's a contortionist and when I decided to use her and her freakishly bent up body the first thing that came to mind was Exorsist. So....here you go...

That's right...I animated it for you:

Here are stills:

The spinning didn't work as smoothly as I'd hoped, but I don't have any of the tools/elements to be able to make that work properly. I just ordered some brads online yesterday, but haven't received them. Anyhoo, I hope you like it anyway.  ;)


Arachnophobia - Day 26 of 31 Days of Halloween

FINALLY! A chance for some funs! I created this door hanger for the Oh, The Horror Challenge at Smeared and Smudged. The inspiration.....

Great movie! For my door hanger I pulled a lot of the blues and reds from the movie poster and applied it to my wood with acrylic paints. Then I used the Tree Nymph Stamp, and the leaves & Spiders from Bo' Peep's Build-A-Garden (Smeared Ink). I colored the spiders and leaves with my prismacolor markers and added some glitter glue to help them stand out a little better. I also added some glitter to the sunset. I guess I'm on a glitter kick because I want to add it to everything! LOL. Anyhoo. I used some alphabet stickers to create my sentiment "Eeek!" Hope you likey  ;)


Oh Yeah, and make sure you hit up Kelli's blog today. She's got info on some prizes! 
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Sorry again :(

I have nothing to offer you today (again). So sorry! I have lots of ideas flopping around in my brain...just gotta find the time. I will get something done tonight for sure though. Thanks for baring with me!

:) tOri


Very busy!

Sorry everyone. I've been extremely busy the past few days. I haven't had any time to play :(

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Great Pumpkin- Day 21 of 31 Days of Halloween

OMG, I think I just did cute! I feel so dirty!

Ha ha ha ha ha, just kidding (about the feeling dirty party anyway). So today I bring you a fun little card. I named it the Great Pumpkin because it reminded me of Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin. Anywho, I used a couple of pumpkins from The Patch (Smeared Ink) and for my main character I used Tweedle Dee (Wild Flower Kids). I don't have a lot of time to explain my process but it was pretty simple, so I hope you like it!

The way I made it also allows for it to be displayed as a stand up card...

Have fun hopping around today! See ya tomorrow.  ;)


Candy Creature - Day 20 of 31 Days of Hallowee

YAY! I think I caught some more mojo in the halloween net!! Woohoo! Thanks for sticking with me during my bad days and my not so creatively awesome days. ;)

Today I bring you another project using the Smeared Ink set, Candy Is Dandy and Lonely Boy and Puff. I think these two sets might be my most favorite Halloween sets EVAR! So....I bought this white box from Michael's. It's pretty simple. The lid lifts up and that's about it. So I painted it with black acrylic paint and then coated it with some black glitter glue. The I used my orange glitter glue to add some accents to frame the lid. I really like the glitter glue, but it takes forever to dry. On the inside of my box i used some green grass acrylic paint to add some drippy-ness and painted the bottom of the inside solid green.

I stamped my images on regular white card stock and colored them with my prismacolors. Then I used some pop dots to adhear them to the box. The final touch was adding the 6 skulls to the lid. Hope you like!

Have fun hopping today. I've glanced at some of the other Wicked Blogs and there are some awesome projects you don't want to miss! The hop list is still located on my sidebar. See ya tomorrow!!!


Evanescence - Day 19 of 31 Days of Halloween

Wow, October is a LOOOOOONG month! We're getting there though. I have a lot more fun stuff up my sleeves!

So, for Day 19 I tried something completely new to me and am very disappointed with my results. I bought some clay a couple of weeks ago and have been dying to try it out with my stamps. So, I finally did. Everything seemed to go well. I stamped out my image, Praise Angel from Smeared Ink, into the clay (a couple days ago to give it time to dry). Last night, I painted it with acrylic paints. It was much harder to paint than I thought it would be...and I didn't have any of the colors that I pictured in my head. Oh well....anyhoo, I found these awesome boxes at Hobby Lobby. I didn't do anything to them...they're awesome. I glue'd my angle to one and then on a piece of manilla paper I wrote out "Am I too lost to be saved? Evanescence".  I love that song and thought it was fitting. Then, I stamped it with "SLAVE" and distressed the crap-o-la out of it. So, after all that, I took my pictures, I moved it and the angel broke in half. The clay was very fragile.

But, I'm a cup half full kinda gal....so the brighter side is - i get to reuse the box for another project! :)


Day 18 of 31 Days of Halloween

So sorry everyone, but I don't have anything for you today. Hopefully my project tomorrow will be awesome! Please continue on to all the other awesome WICKED BLOGS located on my sidebar.


Sweet Poison - Day 17 of 31 Days of Halloween

This one is gonna be short and simple! I started with a cardboard coffin from Michael's and spray painted it sterling silver. While it was drying I stamped out my images from Candy is Dandy set from Smeared Ink. I colored them with my prismacolor markers and used some glitter ink on them. Then, before applying my images to the coffin I distressed it with my black stazon ink. I glued my sentiment, "sweet poison" and my coffin image with mod podge. Then, for the inside, I stuffed some green tissue paper and layed my bleeding heart image inside. Hope u like :)=


Staring at the Moon - Day 16 of 31 Days of Halloween

Today I did another card. I used Smeared Ink's Werewolf set, colored with prismacolor markers. I cut a frame out of my card stock and glued some orange vellum on the inside. I used another awesome image from a magazine for the 'rays' coming down from the moon. For the moon itself, i used white acrylic paint, cotton balls, distressing ink and some crackle. I also used the distressing ink on my sentiment.

So... I put the card together so that you can see the werewoman thru the vellum. It was hard to photograph, so I took many different shots so maybe you can get the full effect. :)

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MAD - Day 15 of 31 Days of Halloween

Still hangin' with us, I see. I'M SO GLAD! Even though this "31 Days" project has taken over every ounce of free time I have, I am really enjoying it. I used to complain that I had no time to be creative and this has forced me to do so (even though I missed a few days). It's really awesome and I'm so glad to share it with all of you.

For my Day 15 project I chose to work with the Mad Scientist digis from Smeared Ink. I really like this guy and had a picture of him in my head for a while....I knew what colors I was going to make him and everything. I colored my images with prismacolor markers. The background in the jar is actually paper that I cut out and pasted above the jar. I distressed everything with Tim Holtz inks and added some pop dots and self adhesive green "bubbles". The numbers were cut out of a Spectra paper pad that's got multiple designs in it...which I love. You like?  ;)

This picture is horrible, but wanted to show the depth.
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Halloween Scream - Day 14 of 31 Days of Halloween

First, an announcement!

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OK, now for the hop! 

This project just kind-of happened and I'm extremely pleased at how it came out. Last night I was searching for inspiration and found an awesome image in one of my magazines. It's a metallic print of a close-up of a face. The eyes are closed and the skin looks worn. My lightbulb went off and here we go...

I chose to mix this awesome image with one of the As Death stamps (Smeared Ink). I colored my image with prismacolor markers and then used clear crackle over the entire image. I really like the effect even though it was hard to photograph. For my sentiment I used the words Halloween and SCREAM from the Lonely Boy and Puff set (Smeared Ink). I distressed them with my peeled paint ink pad and then used the clear crackle on them as well. I ripped the edges of my background image and glued it to my black card stock. Then I punched some small holes so I could sew some silver twine through it. I applied my other images and then added in some more twine on the sentiments and over the eyes of my background image. My coworker saw the card this morning and told me that it really creeps her out. LOL. I laughed....just a normal laugh though, I need to work on my evil laugh.

Once again, I hope you're enjoying our hop! A lot of fabulous artist are working really hard to bring you all these great Halloween Projects!! You might have noticed that my blog has changed a little so I wanted to be sure to point out that the 31 Days of Halloween info is still located on my sidebar with the list of Wicked Blog Participants.


Rest In Pieces - Day 13 of 31 Days of Halloween

Welcome back! Today I bring you...

LOL...was that dramatic enough? I tried to make the word "ZOMBIES!" bigger, but that's as big as blogger would let me. I hope you heard the "DUM - DUM - DUMMMMMMM" music that played in my head while I typed it.

OK, enough playing, let's get down to business. I used the Build A Zombie Alphabet (Smeared Ink, of course). I bought these cool little frames from Michael's yesterday and spray painted them orange, black, and green in honor of fall and Halloween. While those were drying I stamped my images on white card stock and colored them with my prismacolor markers. The zombie heads are very special because my 2 year old daughter decided to color them too...with her purple marker. You can barely see where she got them, but I thought it would be a nice touch, so left them as is.  ;)  I also used the letters R, I and P from the alphabet and colored them. Then I used the words Rest In Pieces off of the tombstone, cut them up individually and distressed the paper. I glued my elements onto black cardstock (front and back) and then put them in the frames. The last touch was adding the ribbon. I first that this would be an awesome necklace, but I tried it on and the frames are pretty large. It might make a better keychain....oh well. Hope you like! I had to take multiple pictures because the colors were getting washed out...and I just like to take pictures  ;)



Have fun hopping!