Stay tuned for the NEW SMEARED INK RELEASE on Sept 1st. We'll be doing a blog hop to show off some of the new stamps!!! I'm so excited!!



Sooo, when my husband and I first got together he had me draw a fish hook for him that he eventually wanted to get tattooed on his body. He had the brilliant idea of putting FISH NAKED underneath it. Although I was extremely amuzed, I would have to hate those words tattooed on my hubby. LOL. So, the sketch got put away and wasn't seen for years. Well, now that I do tattoos, we got that sketch back out - and did some skin art :)

My hubby decided to have this fish hook going through the skin on his thumb and also decided that wouldn't be the best place for the words FISH NAKED (thank goodness), so we left that part off. This s my first time working with a MAG needle (which is a flat needle configuration instead of round, see images below).

13 Mag

9 Round

The MAG needles are used for adding shading and color. So this is my first time trying to shade anything as well. It was interesting and different, but I got the hang of it after a while. I would change a few things if I could do it again, but I think it came out pretty well and my hubby loves it which is the most important part. :)

the Fish Hook


Smeared and Smudged Member BLOG HOP!!

The Smeared and Smudged network is having a member blog hop TODAY!! Very excited for this hop!

Our theme was "Hidden Object".

So, I'm not very good at making cards yet...so I thought I would use this opportunity to practice. I chose to use Smeared Ink's "Slave" Angel from "The Symbology of Angels" set. You can see this set and the other wonderful Smeared Ink stamps here (click).

I chose to keep the outside of my card pretty clean looking. I used black card stock and cut out the rib cage with my Xacto-knife. Then I colored in some bones with my white gel pen. I clipped the sentiment, "dream come true", out of an old velum pad. I can't remember where I got it, but the entire pad is quotes/poems about love. Pretty neat. I glued that to the card and then attached my black skull charms with some crazy yarn and hot glue. On the inside of the rib cage I glued another piece of the love velum tablet....I guess this can count for part of my "hidden object" theme. If you look hard enough you can see through the rib cage and velum and see hints of what lies inside.



Detail of sentiment and skull charms

Detail of rib cage (all you nurses, don't judge me... ;)

For the inside of my card I cut a moon out of my Spectrum pad, ripped some paper for the background, colored my Angel and distressed them all. As a finishing touch for the Angel I sprayed some Silver Glitter Spray on his wings. I cut another sentiment from my Spectrum pad that reads "For a dreamer, night's the only time of day.", i distressed it, traced over the words with my purple marker, and then glued it all together. The Angel is chained to the moon....I was going for a "slave of the night" type feel. Hope you got it!! LOL.



Inside angled for glare/glitter

Detail of the "Slave" Angel

Even though I waited until the absolute last moment to create this card, I'm pleased with the way it came out. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Now it's time to HOP-HOP-HOP!! Here is the list of my fellow Smeared and Smudged network members... You will see some awesome work on this hop. Feel free to leave everyone some love! And if you like what you see, come by our Forum (click) and see what we have to offer. It's a great place with wonderful people. We have tutorials, challenges, and just plain fun!!

Tori (<-----me!)



I just placed a large tattoo supply order and have friends lined up for some ink!! Stay tuned for pics over the next few months. :)

Also, I want to announce that the Smeared and Smudged network is having a member blog hop this Tuesday, August 10th!! Very excited! This is gonna be fun, now I just have to make something!!! Come by and do the hop to see some fabulous work.

:) tOri


The Dead Dancers Perform

Alright! So I have another altered box under my belt. This project uses a very tall box and two of Smeared Ink's digis, The Marionette Dead Dancers. Check them out and the other NEW digis available in our shop!

My goal was to create a stage-like scene where my two beauties could show off what they got.

So, here you go:
First I cut up my box's front panels to create the window/frame for my dancers. Then, I primered and painted my box with black spray paint. I then stamped all over the black background using my musical note pattern and stars from the Jack set with red and white acrylic paints.

While the paint was drying I colored my digis with Prismacolor markers, mounted them on black foam board and cut them out.

I drilled some holes in the top of my box and threaded them with black thread to hang my "Falling" dancer. She just had to be floating. My "Pointing" dancer was mounted to the outside panel that acts as my stage...

On the inside of my box I hot-glue'd some gems and a small light at the bottom. And....voila!

Here is a picture when I was testing the placement of the dancers...it's before I added the background paint and gems...but it shows the coloring on the dancers a little better.