Sooo, when my husband and I first got together he had me draw a fish hook for him that he eventually wanted to get tattooed on his body. He had the brilliant idea of putting FISH NAKED underneath it. Although I was extremely amuzed, I would have to hate those words tattooed on my hubby. LOL. So, the sketch got put away and wasn't seen for years. Well, now that I do tattoos, we got that sketch back out - and did some skin art :)

My hubby decided to have this fish hook going through the skin on his thumb and also decided that wouldn't be the best place for the words FISH NAKED (thank goodness), so we left that part off. This s my first time working with a MAG needle (which is a flat needle configuration instead of round, see images below).

13 Mag

9 Round

The MAG needles are used for adding shading and color. So this is my first time trying to shade anything as well. It was interesting and different, but I got the hang of it after a while. I would change a few things if I could do it again, but I think it came out pretty well and my hubby loves it which is the most important part. :)

the Fish Hook


  1. EEK!! What an awesome job!! I love the "hook through the skin" look of it!! Fabulous!

  2. wow tori that is a awesome tat....im so totally scared of that happening when my hubby an i go fishing!!!....hugs Anita

  3. I love it. Going to have to show this off to a friend that has been training for a while.

  4. Jewel and I concur that that is fucking awesome dude!!!! AND we want you to do some tats on us!!! Of course when she is of legal age!!!