Day 9 - 31 Days of Halloween

Day 9 and still going strong, how about you? I really can't even believe we're at day 9 already. At this rate, the month is going to FLY BY! I'm glad you guys love the "zombie me" as much as I did...here are a few more pics I was able to get from the photographer....

We called this shot "Crazy Eyes" LOL

And this one we were still in make-up and just having fun behind the scenes...I mean really, zombies don't actually bite other zombies - there's no point. ;)

And now to my Day 9 project. I had to go back to my good ole "Quoth the Raven" set for this one. I was going to make an ATC but ended up making it into a card. I didn't have to do any coloring today...all stamp and colored papers....although, I had to add in a little bit of glitter - are you surprised? ;)

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  1. WoW - that card came out FAB with the QTR images and I love the zombie makeup- awesome :-)
    Ike xxx

  2. Great card, my favorite stamp set :) Wouldn't one zombie bite another zombie if say the other zombie was attempting to take some brain that the first zombie had her eyes on? It could happen :)

  3. Tori,
    I love the fact of you sharing your zombie photos w/ us! I love it, it's so fun! What movie thing are you in? my email is KLDeyette@gmail.com
    I would love to hear about it.
    I really like your card too wonderful job!
    Happy day 9 to ya!

  4. great card, love the zombie pics, great make up

  5. I really like this card - great use of that stamp set!

  6. Love your card the zombie pic are fantastic
    Luv Jane xxx

  7. What an awesome experience as a zombie. Quoth the raven is one of those sets I keep saying I need, but never get round to getting :(

  8. COOL! zombies are dead, and unpredictable, usually stupid also....so who says they would never bite another zombie!?????
    I think you make a good zombie, except for the dead and stupid part!!!

    oh the card is lovely also!! :)

  9. I am loving the zombie pictures!!! I bet you had soooo much fun!!! I love your card today!!! I am glad to see that someone else loves glitter as much as I do!!! I hope you had a great day!!!

  10. Amazing zombie pix! looks like you had a ball! Love your card. Quothe the Raven is always my "go to" set. xxD

  11. Cool card! I love the skull! Those pics of you in zombie makeup are amazing!

  12. you look llike you are having so much fun. I'm so jealous. great card using my fav stamp set too. That I dont have yet. But will soon. (Like tomorrow) I love pay day's that include crafting stuff

  13. Great card! And the zombie pics are so much fun.:)

  14. Gorgeous ATC/card creation! When will we see the finished video?

  15. keep those great pics coming! your card is great, i love how you made the skull orange! great job!