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OK guys and gals....this is not a blog hop or a crazy project that I have created...this post is about a colleague in the stamp world that many of you know as Simply Betty. Betty is a nice and caring person and although I don't know her on a personal level, I know many of you do. I've been trying to think of a way to help her and her family and decided that I could use my Scentsy business to try and raise some money for her and her son....this money will be used for medical bills, gas, or whatever they need to help make this experience a little less stressful for them. I've set up an online "party" and 15% (or more if I can give it) of the sales will be donated to Betty. I'm not sure how long we will do this or how successful it will be, but I wanted to try to help in whatever way possible. Every little bit helps! So please, go to my Scentsy website and find something nice for yourself or someone close to you....Scentsy is a wonderful product and as a business they donate to many charities. If you love things that smell good, you will love it, so get to shopping!

Follow this link to shop directly from Betty's Fundraiser! 

Here is a little back story on Betty and her son Christian...

Christian was first diagnosed with Stage 1 throat cancer October of 2011, he was 17 at the moment. In a panic not having insurance I had a special digi set to help us get through his first surgery. We were told that luckily it is stage 1 very early but cancer none the less. Radiation would be administered five days a week for 15 weeks... every week was a trial. We have to travel off the mountain we live on to get to his therapy. Gas alone was a small fortune as you can imagine. My daughter had to be put on homeschool because I had to go down with Christian and couldn't leave her up here alone while I was down the mountain. It was one heck of a journey. 15 weeks passed and Christian needed more therapy. It wasn't over. Here we are well passed the 15 weeks, the extra therapy and unfortunately again a 2 month therapy schedule. Luckily it's only 2 times a week this time around whew! It's still loads of stress on me, but I do it with out a second thought for my kid. He's a great kid, a teen, but still a great kid. He's had to "fail" his senior year and not graduate with his class because he missed sooo much school, but that just means he's home for another year with me before leaving for college and the real world. He's always goofing around, but with the therapy he was so tired and sad all the time and now he's back to being stressed. But he is a great kid... I know we will get through it and he will be a wonderful adult and put all this behind him one day.

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