Smudgy Antics Challenge - EGGstatic!

This weeks challenge at Smudgy Antics is a REAL challenge.....not for the faint of heart. You have to step outside your comfort zones and be a rebel!! Here is the challenge:

This week we are challenging our devoted followers to decorate an egg.
Keep in mind, a stamped image (rubber, clear, or digi) MUST be used in your project and you must adhere to the rules posted in the sidebar on the left in order to qualify for the random draw. If you are in need of some alternative Easter images, Smeared Ink has some new digis in the shop!

Are you up for the challenge?
Because we know this may be a hard challenge for some, we will also accept projects that are egg shaped or contain egg shapes. We do hope that many will actually try to decorate an actual egg or plastic egg though. Why limit your stamp use to cards when you can embellish all types of items with your stamps?

Step out of your comfort zone and dare to be different.
Grow as an artist by trying something new.
Get inky and painty and get supremely messy.

Most of all, have fun! 
So - in honor of this great challenge, I decided to play along - and let me say, IT WASN'T EASY! I, because I'm crazy like that, chose to work with a real egg. But you can use plastic eggs if you are more comfortable....or even just egg shapes in your project. Here is my offering. I took butt-loads of pics...sorry, but it's so menacing looking I wanted to get a few different angles.


OK. So, I "emptied" my egg by making holes in the top and bottom of the egg and then blew the egg until all the contents came out (get your minds out of the gutters, people!). It was fun....and my cheeks got a workout! So, my next step was to cut my shell in half so I could add some hinges. This wasn't easy, but I managed to get it done with my dremel tool. I had to wear protective eye wear because egg shell was flying everywhere!

So, after that was done, I took some hinges off of a little box i had lying around and glue'd them to the egg shell with some epoxy glue....stinky and it seemed to take forever to dry! I used masking tape to hold them on while I worked on my other stuff. The rest of the work was just painting, glueing, and coating in UTEE.... I used two different Smeared Ink stamps...Wings from Quoth the Raven and the Anatomical heart from Candy is Dandy. I'm thankful I didn't crack the shell before I took my pics and happy to say it is still in one piece sitting in my craft room! Yay! I hope you all take the challenge and decorate an egg for us this week!!! And don't forget to check out the DT's wonderful inspiration, I'm a proud "mommy", they did EGGcellent work!


  1. Dang, girl! Freaking marvelous! I love the heart on the inside. Totally brilliant creation!!!

  2. Wow! totally wonderful brilliant art! amazing I would have cracked the shell. I love it. Thanks for the inspiration.

    susan s.

  3. AMAZING!!!!!! wonderful creation..... beyond words :)

  4. This is just absolutely stunning. Can't believe how marvelous this is. Fabulous creation..... and I take back the jibe about @the Boss' not playing. You trounced me thoroughly with this one !!! :-D xxx

  5. I'm looking and looking - just so amazing how you managed all this on one tiny egg. I bow down to you Tori, absolutely fantastic!

  6. your egg totally rocks, the heart inside is so brilliant I love,love,love it

  7. Tori,
    Your egg is just so trippy! I find you and your creations awesome! You are so creative on this egg girl! Talk about rockin' it out of the park, you blew it up!! Wonderful job truly!