April Member Blog Hop - FRIDAY THE 13th PHOBIA!

Alright folks, sorry for the delay! Welcome to our April Smeared and Smudged Member Blog Hop! Since we had an opportunity of working with THE DREADED FRIDAY THE 13th - i thought what better way than to showcase our fears and phobias! I challenged our members to show us what they're scared of. Today you are going to take a peak inside the minds our our members - hope you don't get lost!

A little background on my biggest FEAR...I've always been obsessed with the UNDEAD, and then while I was pregnant with my daughter (almost four years ago) my emotions got the best of me - imagine that - and I haven't been the same ever since. I have sleepless nights, visions of things hunting me down, horrible nightmares when I do sleep....etc. I think it has definitely changed from being an obsession to being a full blown phobia. I know zombies are popular right now, and I am just as caught up in it as everyone else....but they continue to keep me on my toes and thinking "what if". I've done loads and loads of research so that IF the zombie apocalypse were to actually happen, I would have a fighting chance to protect my family. The biggest thing that scares me is waking up to find my family already turned and trying to eat me. I have a VERY VERY overactive imagination and those of you that know me pretty well can probably imagine the things I see!

OK, So I started this Zombie Journal last year during our annual 31 days of Halloween - well, the front cover, anyway - and I hadn't touched it since. I've been meaning to add to it, so that is what I've done for the hop today. The pics aren't the best, but I hope you get the gist of it all! I still have a lot to add to it too. All the articles came from the Zombie Research Society and all the stamps used are Smeared Ink.

This is the cover that I did last year. The skull image is from  Smeared Ink's Anatomy 101.

Inside cover...nothing too crazy here. I wanted to keep it simple.

Close-up of right page....the bottom part folds out to reveal another article.

Close up again of this page....the maps fold out. These maps show the danger zones in my city and maps locations that might be of interest if there is an outbreak (like places to find supplies and weapons)

This page is pretty cool... It has a similar map but also has two articles....The first is  "which cities are zombie farms?" where it lists cities with high population. The second (beneath the first) is "CDC rates cities' survivability" Both of these articles flip up so you can read them and the page underneath. More pics below.

Another close-up....the brain is a pop-out!

Well, I hope you like my book so far! It's taken some time and I will definitely share when I add more to it! Now off you go - visit all the other wonderful members! I hope you don't develop any new phobias!



  1. Love the journal! This should help with your Zombie OCD! LOL! Thanks so much for sharing your imagination and talent with us all.

  2. that totally rocks. I was always told we are mostly attracted to what scares us. like people who burn alot of candles have a fear of fires, etc. I think that's why I'm attracted to zombies cause deep down inside I'm scared shitless.. I would love to thumb through and take a closer look into this book. I'm gonna have to research myself. You should upload a page into the GDT challenge thing.

  3. This is so awesome! I love all of the detail and thought you put into this.:)

  4. Fabulous. Awesome. Do I need to say more.

  5. FABULOUS journal Tori....... can't wait to see more :)

  6. what a book. {I love it and your imagination..so many awesome detail you have done with it...keep going this is great..to me better than a movie.

    susan s.

  7. really great work and what a story you told us. Thank you for sharing! xx lisa

  8. That was really cool. TFS! :)

  9. wow this is so awesome, I love the journal, so much to see

  10. Wow Tori. So much detail !!! love the pop up brain. TFS

  11. This is fantastic Tori a lot of work has gone into it love it
    Luv Jane xxx

  12. Fantastic journal!

  13. OMG - freakin' awesome...such a ton of work on this tori. fabulous xxxx

  14. Tori,
    Wow, is all I can say...
    This is a Fabulous project for the hop! I totally love all your pages! This is very creative, and I do love creativity! I am going to have to check out that link, and I too hope I don't gain any more phobias, I have enough now LOL! I love how you popped up the brain! I love all your smudgyness that you did to the pages, and the articles, Great job!!

  15. The only word that comes to mind is AWESOMENESS! Wow, this is out of control and so much fun --lot os distress to take in, sensory overload and I LOVE IT!