SPIN, SPIN, SUGAR - The Greeting Farm Hop

Hello and welcome to my bloggy-blog! Some of you already know that this is my very first blog hop and also my very first stamp project! That's right....so, I hope to make you all proud and I hope you likey!

The hop participants today are members of the Smeared and Smudged Design Team! We'd like to invite you over for some awesome inspiration and creative networking, so when you have a chance check out the Smeared and Smudged Forum. The Greeting Farm is sponsoring our hop today, and for my project I used The Greeting Farm's digi stamp "Twisted Tea".

This image is so fun and I had a blast coloring her! I used Prismacolor and Sharpie markers and added a bit of glittery goop. After I colored her I searched and searched for something to use her on. Since I am new to the fabulous world of stamping, I have limited supplies, so instead of making a card I decided to alter an old wooden box that i've kept for no particular reason, except that it looked cool. Here is the box before I started playing with it:

So, I made some teacup paper on my computer, printed it out and modge podged it to the top of my box. Same with the bottom except I just used black paper. Then I ripped some black card stock to make the horizontal bar and painted the edges with a metallic silver paint. I glued my ribbon, my bar, and then my image on top of the tea cup paper and then wrote "tea time" in white gel pen.

The inside of the original box had some cool (but pointless) dice. So to tie in "tea time" and dice I decided to use a song for inspiration. "SPIN SPIN SUGAR" by Sneaker Pimps. "Spin spin" reminded me of spinning the dice and "SUGAR" reminded me of sugar cubes...that you would use in your tea. Are you following me? Ha ha. OK...so here is the inside of the box after I altered it. I used green paper for the base and then cut holes for my dice, glued on my cool tea kettle charm and attached my black bar o' lyrics. The lyrics read "twists for me, spin, spin, sugar" - I love it because it ties in with the name of the digi "Twisted Tea". For the dice I just painted them and wrote the individual words on each one.

It was really fun to create this and I hope you love it! I had so much fun! Please visit the rest of S&S's DT on their blogs (listed below), and be sure to leave comments! Thanks for visiting!








Black Dragon


Lady Brayton



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  1. Tori, that is freaking awesome!!!!!!! I want it!!!!!! Absolutely fantastic!

  2. um....tori? i'm sorry to inform you but you are a FREAKIN' NATURAL AT THIS!!!! Your first stamping project...PEH!!!! I think you have a secret blog somewhere where you post all of your fabulous creations (LOL! JUST KIDDING!). But this project is RIDICULOUSLY OFF THE HOOK. I am madly in love and will share custody of it with Kelli!! LOL!!! Amazing, fabulous, blow out of the water job.


  3. What an incredible job you did! That is sick! I love that song too!!! Your coloring is excellent, and you should be SO proud of yourself! And you MADE that teacup paper???? Insane! Why haven't you started crafting sooner?!? This kicks a**!

  4. Will you marry me? I figure that is the only way to have access to this Awesomeness you call "your first project"! OMG, chica...if this piece of fabulousness is the start of your crafty creations I can't freakin' wait to see what's next! You rocked this...HARD! I swear I will go in a bidding war with the others to own this! Wow! you totally blew me away! I bow down to you this week as you have knocked me off me feet!

  5. oh how totally AWESOME!!! You have amazing imagination! :)

  6. UNBELIEVABLY CREATIVE!!!! How cool is that!?! Amazing project! xxD

  7. WOW! When you decide to start stamping, you got for it! Keep them coming! Love what you do Tori!!!

  8. I love the teacups! Great job!

  9. That's pretty cool. I love altered stuff.

  10. That is totally cool! Love the design!!!

  11. Are you serious??? Really? Yikes!!!!!! This freakin' rocks! WOW!!!

    You did a fabulous job coloring "Twisted Tea". If that's your first time, I can't wait to see what comes next!

    The tea paper is perfect, as is the design of the box. The inside is amazing too.


    P.S. It's my Unbirthday, so you should send it to me.

  12. I lOVE this!! The whole concept! and the coloring, come on!!! You kicked ass all the way with this!!
    So glad you FINALLY decided to play with us! I can't wait to see what you make next!!

  13. Rocken' - can't believe this is your first stamping project!

  14. Tori, this is an awesome project. You did a great job on it.

  15. very inventive and I love the teacup paper you did, it matches the image perfect

  16. Tori it is great to see you working with us... you have amazing talent and it shows in this, your first crafty project, as an old hand at this i take my hat off to you. AWESOME.

  17. Don't you just love that wink of hers? She's one of my favorites. Who would've ever thought about doing a project like that? Tea....pots...galore!

  18. That is freakin awesome...love your creeper girl!

  19. I love this! Completely awesome!