Happy Birthday, Kapree!

I made this little b-day card for Kapree! Happy Birthday Kapree! I hope you've already received it! And I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!

image is from dilly beans :)


At Smeared & Smudged we have a new fun group called Birthday Club! Come and join us!!
We all have Birthdays.... some of us have had far more than others, but we all have them.
Wouldn't it be lovely to get happy mail on that special day instead of just the usual bills?
Then this is the club to join :)


  1. That's so gorgeous. Love the devil and the colour of the background. I'm sure she was/is very happy to receive this great card. Suzanne

  2. I have received it and I love it!!! thank you thank you! your coloring is so cool! and I love the metal sign! how did you do that?