Altered Doll/Bottle

Here is a little something I created for the GDT Challenge on Smudgy Antics. Mark Gould is our GDT and he is an excellent artist. I hope you have a chance to visit the forum to check it out and hopefully play along! 

Here are the pieces I gathered to create my altered doll.

The first thing I did was paint the stomach with black gesso and some molding paste to give it some texture. Then I cover everything in crackle because that takes a while to dry. After it was done drying I  started painting! I used a few different colors of acrylics. The botton layer is blue then I dry brushed the green and brown. 


Once I had all the pieces painted and dried I began to assemble him. His heart is heat embossed from a Smeared Ink stamp from the Candy Is Dandy set. Hope you like him! (sorry, lots of pics to follow)




  1. Darn it - this is the 3rd time I have tried to comment... it just keeps eating them and then locked me out of Blogger saying I had 'Unusual activity' !!!!
    Here goes again...... this is an wonderful piece. Soooooo creative - you are always an inspiration :-D
    I am having mega troubles with internet/connections. Can't get into S&S or anything .ning and I have to wait 20 mins to upload anything by which time I get timed out !!!!!
    Going nuts this end :-(

    IKE xxx

  2. This is so cool! You are so very creative Tori. FAB piece :)

  3. TOTAL CREEPER, right there! So creative to use the bottle for the body. At least he doesn't have legs, so he can't run around your house at night!

  4. love this Tori, stunning colours and just such a great idea. the top hat rocks x

  5. So freakin' cool! Great texture and fab finishes. Love his hat! I won't mention the misinterpretation of some parts. LOL And he looks like he's rather fond of red wine. Me too! Fabulous! xxD

  6. Oh man this is so trippin' kewl!! Love the Hat! Well love your whole project! You have done a wonderful job here!

  7. Luv this guy! The crackle and colors are excellent. Nicely done once again!

  8. Totally awesome, Tori. I see all the buttons very clearly now! Vee xx