What is a New Year without some new ink?

I've started a couple of new tattoos - one on myself and one on my hubby. Check it out!

This is on my inner left forearm. It's a twisted tree of life. So far just the outline and as soon as it heals I'll add in some shading and coloring. I can't wait!!

And here is the pin-up style lass that I put on my hubby's outer right forearm...You might recognize her! LOL. She is one of our (Smeared Ink) Chicks Dig Guns stamps. He's been wanting me to tattoo him up with our stamps for a while...well, it has begun! Again, only the outline so far...but it will be fun to color in a couple of weeks!


  1. WOW!!!! as well as everything else!.... you are a tattoo artist ASWELL!!! These are both FAB! can't wait to see them coloured :)

  2. Really killer awesome tattoos! Are you the one doing the tattooing??

  3. They both look awesome! You are doing a wonderful job! Hugs!