Better Late than Never, Right?

OK, so here is the card I promised. I hope you like it. I used all Smeared Ink stamps... Ann Marie from the 'Glam Vamp' Digis , the bird wings from 'Quoth the Raven Set', Slave sentiment and Slave Angel from 'The Symbology of Angels' set.

I used plain white cardstock for my stamp images and colored them in with prismacolor markers. I chose some bright colors so that my GLAM VAMP would really stand out...I wanted her to take the show (Danielle, I hope you like the pink ;)!! My white gel pen stopped working so I used a white paint pen for the highlights and was fairly surprised that it worked so good. It was a little harder to control because the tip is thicker, but overall I think it worked out well. It took me FOREVER to cut out these images and paste them together. My neck and back are killing me!!! LOL. I really need to get some good scissors for stuff like this. 

Anywho, I found an awesome image of a lady with sparkley water drops all over her. I cut our her face, ripped and distressed the edges, and used it as my background. I pasted it on a simple black card stock. Then, I ripped some green vellum paper to seperate my background image and my stamped images. I also rolled up some scraps and glued them to the top right corner. I wasn't sure how to get them to stay, so I filled them with Elmer's glue. As you can see, I used way too much and it's still not dry. Hopefully it will dry one day and be clear...but I am too impatient to wait for that. LOL.

Thanks to everyone for being patient with me and waiting for me to get this one done. So sorry it's a day late. I will try to do better  :)

I really like the way this turned out.

Here's an angled view to show some of the depth.

Slave Angel

Meet Ann Marie
Sorry for the extra glue...Looks kinda messy :(

Also, if you didn't get a chance to do the hop yesterday, the projects are still up and they're amazing so see my post below and check them out!!!


  1. I want a slave angel like Ann Marie...

  2. mmmm k, when you get yours clone her and send one to me!!!

  3. This came out AWESOME! Love the face in the background, and I actually really like the pools of glue! You could have thrown some glitter or tiny beads in there. Really fab job!!!

  4. Oh - great idea Alison...Maybe I will add some beads and MORE GLUE! LOL, that'll make it look better. :)

  5. I think it looks AWESOME! and yes, I LOVE the pink pants!!! And the paint pen did great! Excellent tip, especially since my white gel pen is very, dangerously low! And the distressing and tearing, FABULOUS!!! You nailed it!!

  6. Brilliant Tori.... totally and utterly brilliant.
    I find it very sinister with the Vampire having an Angel enslaved.... i just love the whole concept... FANTASTIC.
    Love lynx

  7. Wow Tori this is totaly fantastic I just love every thing about it
    Luv Jane xxx

  8. Oh my! This is amazing! WOW!!!