Smeared Ink Shirts for my Bebe....

So...I've been wanting to make some shirts for my little one for a while now. I finally got around to doing them. I made two – one with Killer Bo' Peep and one with the Crouching Fae. I love them! I cheated a little bit because I colored everything digitally and printed them out on iron-ons, cut them and applied them to her little bitty t-shirts  :)

Here is the Killer Bo' Peep shirt...

The shirt.
India wearing her new shirt and helping Daddy load his beers into the fridge. ;)

The detail.

Here is the Crouching Fae shirt...

The shirt.

India wearing her shirt and watering the tree ;)

The detail.
These stamps are available in our shop on our website!


  1. These are fantastic Tori... am i allowed to do that with the stamps? At the moment i stamp onto the fabric then colour with fabric paint.... but i cant make 'em look this good doing it my way.
    You have a beautiful daughter....just had to say!
    Keep safe love lynx

  2. This is so incredibly awesome, Tori! I cannot get over how fantastically cute these shirts are!

    Dragon...do you have a scanner? I'm willing to bet you can take any image you create and scan it into your computer then print it out this way.

  3. Yes, Black Dragon! Like Lady Brayton said...you can scan them in and print on iron-on paper.

    Thanks for the comments ladies! :)

  4. ACK!! That is awesome!! Not cheating! YOU made the stamp originally! And putting it onto an iron-on is inspired.

    I told the story on the board, I think, about how my 11 year old LOVED that set. When I had to pick, I asked him what he thought. The "Baa" won, hands down. He doesn't have a "bear", he has a "Baa". Has had it since he was born. Then, he always got them for holidays and stuff. I bought him the "baa" from Build a Bear, which has long eyelashes, so he named her. She is britney, and the baby is brianna. He is demented. He made me make him a "skeleton Baa" bookmark. If ONLY I was as crafty as you to make him a skeleton Baa shirt!!

    Your daughter is ADORABLE!!! Isn't it fun to make them wear crazy stuff, and watch them actually like it????