Smeared Ink Stamp Line

Smeared Ink online store is now open! The first four rubber stamp sets are available for preorder now. Visit today for fun, edgy, and unique
rubber stamp designs. Visit the blog for more info on how to win a free
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  1. Hey Girl!!! I'm here to see your work!!

    The 2 tats you did are fabulous.!!! Clint's came out fab, you covered over what he had, with something that rocked! LOVE the flames!! Did he have the barbed wire around the top already?

    And your husbands looks great too!! Is that all he wants? just the scope/sight kind of thing, or are you going to build on it? either way, it's HOT!!!

  2. †hanks danielle! Clint already had the barbed wire...not sure if he still likes it or not. He's got another 3 tats that he wants me to cover-up LOL. it's fun to have friends that let you practice on them. :)

    My hubby wants to put "TAG. You're it." under the mil-dot. i just haven't had a chance to do it yet. it'll be cool though. Thanks for the comments!

  3. hey...if we ever do a smeared ink retreat i'll let you tattoo me!

  4. SWEET, Lady Brayton!!! I would be honored. Hopefully by then I will be more experienced. Kelli wants me to tattoo her too. Hey, we can all get S&S badges tattoo'd on our rears! HA ha ha ha ha ha...someone would have to do me though. ;)