Welcome to my NEW BLOG!

My newest venture is to learn how to tattoo. I've always admired the art of tattooing and decided that teaching myself how to tattoo would be a great outlet for my creative mind. By taking this on I have committed myself to start drawing again and learning new mediums. My creativity has been lacking for a long time - I seem to have gotten a little lost and life somehow got in the way. My remedy...making art a part of my daily life.

I wish I had time to apprentice under a great artist, but with a full time job as a Graphic Designer and being a full time mother to my beautiful baby girl, India, I don't. So most of this will be a slow learning process. I received all my tattoo supplies and will probably be practicing on some fruit this weekend. I know how to put my gun together, now it's just becoming a master of the art. Wish me luck!!


  1. Sweet! I didn't know you got it!

  2. Got it on the 17th, but I haven't had time to play with it. And of course, I had to watch some tutorials on how to put the machines together. I got three guns...one for lining, one for shading - and then they sent me a FREE machine because my order was over $150. I'll probably use it as a shader too. I could do it all with just one gun, but having more than one makes it to where you don't have to change your needles during a tattoo, you just change guns. I guess that's the easiest way to do it. I'm really excited. And Danny can't wait for me to get good...he wants me to do a lot of him. LOL.